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I am giving 5 stars to this clothing brand, mostly because this is a fake testimony written by Neothinker copywriter. Very good product or service, that they are selling or giving away for free.
As a real person, I was really flattered to open the box I received. Everything inside the box was nice and the quality exceeded my expectations. The box was very nice and there were also some presents inside the box that I, personally did not expect.*
I got paid to write this, so I am writing it. That's how internet works here... Oh look, I am almost done - time to get paid for this particular review I just finished writing.
Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress. No matter how slow. Moreover... Wise people speak because they have something to say, fools speak because they want something to say.
Please buy our stuff if You like it. Please don't buy if You don't like it. No, no I was just kidding, please don't publish this to our website... what do You mean it is already published and can't be changed?
This could be Your review here. But only if it's good - we will not publish bad reviews, because... well who in their right mind would? Have something good to say? Please send it our way to brains@neothinker.eu! Thanks!
*Neothinker official response: Boxes and extra stuff is coming in the nearest possible future! Items, for now, will be just coming nicely packed in courier bags - this Real Girl review might be takken from the future and Neothinker team appreciates the fake review that we clearly wrote about ourselves.
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