Three years have passed! (Letter from the future!)

February 22, 2019

We remember, when Neothinker was just a little baby. When it was just sprouting clothing brand and everybody in the start team, was still arguing about our first Goat logo design... Arguing about what kind of eyes Neothinker goat should have. Smart? Silly? Neutral? Nobody really knew. But we already knew something about Neothinker. Something crucial! And that something was… what kind of version of improved You Neothinker will sell to You. 

And if by this point in this oh-so inspiring text, You immediately started to dispute by a quite obvious observation, that Neothinker just sells clothes, it doesn’t sell You to You. You could just #educateyourself about branding and product advertising campaigning. We’re getting really sick of over referencing the overglorified, used in every branding example brand, but Apple doesn’t just sell computers. Apple sells different thinking. Even though they just sell computers. Not even fully sure, if they are the prettiest possible computers. Nor they have the best specs. But for the general consumer - oh yes, baby they are all of that and more. We, off course, wanted to be like Apple. Everybody wants to be like Apple!

Neothinker, doesn’t sell clothes. It never sold clothes. Even though - what You received from Your DHL courier, was clothes. Plain, hopefully really cosy clothes. But we all know, that’s not what You bought from us, isn’t it? No it’s not. 

You bought smarter version of Yourself. 

We proved to You - that You are not the smartest, but You could be!

Even though, sadly - we all know mathematically, You just couldn’t be the smartest. Well, technically - one of You could be the smartest, but not all of you. And You knew that. You knew, that way before buying clothes that will make You smarter. But You still did. Because sometimes, all of us are not strong enough alone.

Neothinker sells clothes that made You smarter. Way smarter. Like, my-personal-book-red-count-is-way-above-two-kind-of-smarter. 

So, how did all the hardworking (and having heaps of fun) team of Neothinker infused all those clothes with all this smartness? 

They didn’t. You did. All of You did. 

All of You knew, deeply inside - that You should read more good books to get better ideas, exercise Your body more to keep Your brain fresher, communicate with others with brainteasing-emotion-free conversations to enrich Yourself with other perspectives and do many other things to finally better Yourself. Better Yourself, out of proportion. 

You all also were lazy, and sometimes procrastination guilt was eating You alive. Even though You clearly knew - the more right steps You take, the easier it is to take even more. But that first step. And then second. And then the whole chain of more steps to turn something into a habit. And then, lastly - to make it an addiction. Hardcore, personal addiction. Addiction so deep, that You can’t see no point in existing without this addiction.

And then, You found us - Neothinker guiltriping You even more. Pushing it to the extent where it’s unbearable. Neothinker released a constant flow of content, that clearly stated - You can do it, but You won’t, thus proving that You are just a little piece of shit. But then one morning, You said - that’s it, this stops today. I start bettering tomorrow. 

Can You see the contradiction in those last two sentences of Yours? That’s because we are masterful self-lying monkeys... That was a just a nasty mind lie. All monkeys are good at lying to themselves.  So You and Neothinker - made a little deal. You start, when You receive our package. It’s not today, it’s not tomorrow. Might be this week, might be next month… Why? So You are really prepared to receive it. 

Your signature that You will put on DHL courier tablet, will be Your contract with the devil. Your sould is Your mind, and You need to be aware of what You think. 

About that You are a piece of shit if You fail at this? No! You will wear Your new clothes knowing that this is Your shield from being a pesky piece a shit. This clothing piece will guard You from stupidity. This piece of clothing will secure You from lying to Yourself. You will be shielded from mistakes… Wait! No You will not! But with this piece of clothing, at least You will be actually learning from them. With this piece of clothing - You will control Your emotions better than ever, thus saving Yourself from unnecessary societal relationships. It will save Yourself from toxic relationships. It will save You from jumping to conclusions, without proper research. This piece of clothing will make You smarter about how You should treat Yourself. 

Aaaaaaaand it’s gone. Temptations and laziness took over again. Damn!

Well, as long as You learn from Your mistakes, get to know Yourself more and gain valuable experience points along the way...

Yes You did. All of You did. No shame in failing. Shame in not ordering more clothes. Shame in not making another smart deal. Shame in not being smart. Shame in not becoming smarter.

You all become smarter about where You could fail, when start bettering Yourself again. And this bettering of Yourself, will never ever stop. 

Because You never give up - You order Neothinker stuff again and will be shielded from Your inner stupidity and laziness even more (two clothes are better than one!)

You will be shielded from Your biggest enemy… Not rationally thinking, primal self. 

Neothinker clothes, made You all think more how to better Yourselves. And it made You all, think better of Yourselves.

It made You think more. And more. Even more after that. And then… what do You think, we’re done here?

You’re never done if You think!

To summarize...

We think that our clothing line helps to keep customers motivation in becoming smarter. 

What do You think? 

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