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Our Philosophy

Don't make stuff nobody needs.
― Neothinker Founders

It all starts with the right questions. Here at Neothinker, we believe that almost everything is way too complex to have a simple yes or no answer. Our "why we do it?" is simple... We do all this to promote critical thinking among our species. We live in times of information overflow and critical thinking is the main skill needed to survive. Information is there - but which one is reliable? And which information that I already have is fake? What ideas are mine and what have been infused by someone intentionally? Is this content honest or just trying to apeal to me as a consumer? All these and other traps can be better avoided with the skill of critical thinking. Why we do it? To influence more people to think more critically.


How we aim to increase the overall critical thinking amongst our species? By creating thought-provoking content and products, improving on the current way of spontaneous buying and adding that extra touch of data collecting in order not to produce products nobody needs. Internet tracks You wherever You go. Physically or digitally. At this point - nobody can avoid being tracked. Neothinker aims to form a trustworthy connection with the smart audience we have - by trusting us, our audience provides us extra answers. We ask questions that will help us serve them better - we don't guess and use shady algorithms. We do not act like cookies and algorithms know better what our adience would like than our audience actually does. So once again, how we influence more critical thinking? By asking questions and making decisions on top of the answers. We do what we think our audience does too.


So, now comes the easy part. What do we do? Neothinker is a product and content provider. We create amazing content that aims to be as thought-provoking as possible. We create comfortable clothing that aims to be as trustworthy as possible, so You don't need 10 hoodies - because You have that one that You just can't take off. We create quests (games if You will) where we collect data about our audience's likes-dislikes-preferences and other traits. And we design our products around that. Neothinker creates products according to various segmented audience needs and wants. And then sells those products for those who really need them, not to those that could potentially buy it.

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